Are YOU Looking for a “NO 2024 OLYMPICS IN THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA” Website? Well, Here You Go

[UPDATE January 6, 2015: Here’s the site you’re looking for – it’s Started up just last month. Do I think the USOC has the stomach to deal with losing an election on public funding of the 2024 Olympics? I do not.]

Here’s the thing – America is due for another Olympics. By 2024, we will have missed hosting ten Games* in a row, so that will be a record for the Modern Olympics Era. If you look at things from that perspective, then there’s a fair chance that we’re going to get stuck with a huge bill come 2024.

I’ll tell you, Bostonians are ahead of us in heading off an Olympic-sized disaster. Here’s NoBostonOlympics and its informative Twitter. That’s the antidote to the official Hey, is there an official San Francisco 2024 Olympics website? Yes, yes there is. It’s, but that is just a placeholder at this point. Consider the site you’re reading right now as the antidote to that one.

Here’s a little history, from the failed effort to host the 2012 Olympics:

“The bottom line is, what are we going to do with 5,000 posters?” said Tony Winnicker, who was communications director for the bid and now is in charge of talking about the garage sale.

And here’s some background on the failed attempt to host the 2016 Olympics:

And here’s what happened over the summer in regard to the 2024 Olympics:

Mayoral adviser Tony Winnicker will head to Colorado Springs Thursday along with Giants CEO Larry Baer, Olympian and Bay Area native Anne Cribbs and venture capitalist Steve Strandberg to sit down with the U.S. Olympic Committee and chat about a possible 2024 bid for the Summer Games.”

“Winnicker, who works closely with Mayor Ed Lee, said San Francisco and Bay Area leaders are still figuring out if the region would want to host in 2024.”

And then more recently, we’ve heard from Mayor Willie Brown, Matier & Ross, and CW Nevius.

The problem is that nobody’s talking about the costs involved, potentially tens of billions of dollars, I’m srsly.

But the wheels are in motion. This guy Nick Cawthon has just spent ten days working on webpages for the San Francisco bid. He says he’s, “Excited to be building out the website for the SF 2024 Olympic bid.” Somebody’s paying him to do that for a reason, right? And then soon the website goes live and then what if Los Angeles and D.C. drop out and then we’re looking at a coin flip for becoming the sole American bidder.

To repeat, the wheels are in motion. For instance:

The Design and Legacy of the 2024 Olympics in San Francisco

So if anybody suggests that the Olympics might be a good idea for the bay area, well that’s the party line, from people like Tony Winnicker (one-half of the infamous “two baldies” duo) and CW Nevius. The correct answer is, “NO, THE OLYMPICS ARE DEFINITELY A BAD IDEA.”

Of course I support the efforts of those people in Boston who are trying to eject the specter of the Olympics, even though the better they do the worse the odds get for us, right? Please don’t underestimate the ability of Bay Areans to BRING THE RUCKUS, to fight back against the corrupt IOC, it’s just there’s nothing to focus upon at this point because even the Mayor’s lackeys are saying they’re not even sure if it’s a good idea to bid.

Hey, how much did the Gulf War cost, the first one? I’m thinking it cost about two Olympics, adjusting for inflation. But the net cost to America was much lower because countries like Saudi Arabia and Germany and Japan** kicked in tens of billions of dollars. Could it be that San Francisco hosting the 2024 Olympics could end up being more expensive than the net cost to America of Desert Shield plus Desert Storm? It’s not impossible.

This will not stand, this aggression against San Francisco.

This will not stand, you know, this aggression will not stand, Man.

*Right? The corrupt Salt Lake City Olympics were all the way back in aught-two.

**Wow, for Japan I’ve heard various estimates, each one higher than the last.